How is built?

I've had a few questions about how I built this site. People have been surprised that it has cost me so little ($US18pa). My time costs more, of course, but it's a labour of love so that doesn't count.

Here's a quick summary of the tools and services underlying CJ. I wrote it for FreePint, an online newsletter for information managers and librarians.

My favourite tipples

by Eric ...

Web publishing can be surprisingly cheap and effective. These are key services I use to publish Canberra Jazz (CJ) for a cost of only $US18pa. See

Open Source Web Design <> Over 1,500 open source professional-quality web templates. I used Leaves by Anthonyy for CJ.

Blogger <> The hugely popular blog service supports the CJBlog for reviews of concerts and other jottings, with an Atom feed and ad-free publishing by FTP to my site. [I've now returned to publishing on Blogspot. The ads disappeared after it was bought by Google, and I find it much more reliable. Ed.]

Feedigest <> Publish a single feed, or your own selection of feeds, to a webpage using Javascript or other. Feedigest publishes CJNews, and a combined feed for CJNews and CJBlog.

Yahoogroups <> Create online communities with mailing lists, databases, calendars and more. Public groups include RSS feeds. YG supports both CJCommunity and CJNews.

Doteasy <> Buy a domain name for ~$US18pa and you can mount your site at Doteasy. Itís ad-free and cost-free for smaller sites.

$0 Web Hosting Click on the icon to signup to DotEasy. I've got an interest here (CJ may get a few dollars off its annual subscription) but I think it's a great deal so I'm happy to promote it. Eric

Eric ...
Librarian and jazz lover
Canberra, Australia

Another round, anyone?

The article above was limited to 5 Internet sites, but here are a few others I use for CJ.

Gmail <> Google's excellent and innovative email service which supports mail forwarding, searching, threads and more.

Google Analytics <> place some javascript on your web pages, and Google will record site visits to provide site statistics and analysis.

eSnips <> Upload up to 1Gb of audio, video, doc or other files to folders you create online. Tag contents and share with the public or private groups. Use it to save your bandwidth available under the free DotEasy service.

qpollz <> Create simple online polls in a few seconds, with a capability for site visitors to view the results. Edit the html scripting to match colours and layout to your site. Free.

Clustrmaps <> Records page hits and displays with a cute map on the home page. Free

Feedburner <> Massages feeds, provides feed statistics, supports email subscriptions to feeds, and more nifty things to do with RSS, Atom and other feeds. Now purchased by Google. <> Quick and easy links management, sophisticated tagging and sharing. Web2.0 in action.

Google Custom Search <> Another ubercool Google service, although Google's not unique, or the first, with this one. Create a custom search engine to search over a limited set of sites.

Facebook <> Nothing unexpected here. Meet fellow jazz lovers at the Canberra Jazz Group.

Google Calendar <> Nice and simple, free online Calendar application.

Google Maps <> Yet another Google online service in use at CJ. It's easy to open them all in one browser with one password, and they are all capable apps and simple to use.