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CJ seeks to promote modern jazz around Canberra. Canberra has a vibrant jazz scene, thanks to the local Jazz School, feeder high schools and the eclectic interests of Canberra's inhabitants.

The CJBlog offers news and reviews of local jazz events, and a record the local jazz scene through pics of performing artists in their habitat. Musicians and others who wish to discuss jazz, or promote a band or CD can join the CJCommunity. Musos can also announce gigs by a simple email to CJNews.

CJ is brought to you by Eric Pozza, long time jazz lover, bassist, and author, editor, photographer, webmaster, owner and general dogs body.

If you wish to contribute to Canberra Jazz, contact Eric at CJ.

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Friends of CJ are welcome to write reports or other significant pieces, or to provide pics of jazz events. I don't want to have to do it all. See CJ's Instructions for authors for guidance, but basically the message is be positive, be intelligent, perhaps be witty.

You can also publish to some pages on CJ with simple emails. Emails sent to Classifieds or Letters (to the editor) will be published automatically.

I reserve the right to remove any inflamatory content, but I don't expect this will be necessary.


This is a general statement of product disclosures and potential conflicts of interest by your editor and author. As at the date of this publication, CJ has received a few but very limited free benefits that may be construed to be related to this site. From memory, I estimate: free CDs (~20, although I have a policy not to review CDs), free gig entrances (~10), Festival media passes (1: Wangaratta 2009), invitations to pre-gig cocktail parties (1), free bass lessons (1). The benefits are trivial and the demands on my time and energy are prodigious: CJ is certainly not a business proposition. I'm generous with my praise on CJ, but there's a good reason: see my Instructions for authors for my approach to writing for CJ. I trust this statement will defray responsibilities under relevant USFTC regulations, or at least display goodwill in these matters. Eric, 20 Oct 2009